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The Four Beasts of Daniel
Download e-book - $5.00
(coming soon)

The Study Book/Manual exposes the PROPHETIC DECEPTION of the Christian in America when it comes to the identity of the FOUR BEASTS OF DANIEL CHAPTER SEVEN. The TRADITIONAL VIEW, and the one taught by the vast majority of PROPHECY TEACHERS IN AMERICA, is that these four beasts are BABYLON, MEDO-PERSIA, GREECE and ROME. Thus, they claim, ROME will be REVIVED. BUT DANIEL SAYS SOMETHING QUITE DIFFERENT. John the Revelator AGREES WITH DANIEL. ROME IS NOT THE FINAL LAST DAY POWER. It is a DECEPTION. Rome and ROMANISM are only a PART of the LAST DAY BEAST POWER. The real truth is RIGHT IN DANIEL, and in WORD STUDY. Did you know that Daniel was told by the ANGEL OF THE LORD the TRUTH of the FOUR BEASTS? That they were NOT ancient powers, but rather PRE-TRIBULATION AND TRIBULATION WORLD POWERS? That they are in the world and fulfilling their PROPHETIC ROLES

WM19 - $29.95


The Truth of Salvation

Seminar notes and transparencies concerning the real nature of authentic salvation – right from the pages of Scriptures. The average Christian has never read the Bible doctrines on salvation, and does not realize what Christ actually had to say about it. Christ was very specific and gave specific commands that absolutely had to be obeyed if one was to obtain authentic salvation and not be sent away with the many rejected (Matt. 24). This study guide book is in part a condensed Darklight, but not anywhere near as much in depth. Many Christians who read what Christ actually said become very angry and reject the entire thing, for it is so at odds with what they have been taught in their Church. THE TRUTH OF SALVATION LAYS IT ALL RIGHT BEFORE YOU.

WM23 - $36.95




The Two Pathways of Christ

This is a short study guide that probes the mystery of the Broad Way and the Narrow Way, spoken of by Christ. Jesus said that the vast multitudes of Christians would accept and travel down the Broad Way to eternal ruin. HE STATED ONLY A FEW WOULD EVEN FIND THE STRAIGHT GATE AND NARROW WAY. The false preachers, teachers and evangelists, Satan’s finest “Angels of Light”, are all broad way theologians. Their gospel is as phony as a three dollar bill, yet it looks authentic. This guide will help you unravel the mystery of the two pathways of Christ.

WM25 - $16.95


The Return of Christ - Imminent or Not?

Download e-book - $2.00
(coming soon)

The study guide investigates the traditional doctrine of imminence, That christ can return at any time for his church instead of a specific time appointed by God. This doctrine has been around for several hundred years, and yet has no basis in Scripture whatsoever. Did you know that the Bible flatly denies the doctrine of imminence? That it also warned you that this doctrine would surface at the time of the end? And that a whole group of Prophecy Teachers would arise and teach it, and by that method deceive multitudes of Christians? Well, it does, and as usual, these warnings go totally unheeded. One of the key underpinnings of the pre-tribulational rapture is the doctrine of imminence. Imminence is false! It is easily proven to be utterly and totally false, a deception. Do you know why? God never does anything without telling His true people that He is about to act. The Rapture of the Bride of Christ is a huge, earth-changing act, no matter when you believe it takes place!! This book will prove to you that imminence is a massive deception and a lie of false scholars. Christ never taught imminence, and neither did any of His apostles. Not only did they not teach it, they denied it. Christ cannot just “show up” for His bride. He cannot just “come” at any old time. His return is on a precise planned time-table, a schedule that is accurate down to the very second of the return. Don’t let the false teachers mislead you in the nature of the return of Christ. Heed the warnings of Christ; He gave them to you for a reason.

WM22- $18.00



Babylon is Rising
Download e-book - $4.00
(coming soon)

This was a book published back in 1986 and was banned from the Christian Media Bookstores. We could not advertise this book over the Christian radio programs, and most book stores refused to carry it. What was wrong with BABYLON IS RISING? Why was it considered rubbish? Because it totally and accurately identifies the united states of america as babylon the great, and the christians, “gods own children”, could not stand to hear that. They hated that concept with a passion. And branded the book a pack of lies. But the book stands upon facts, for scripture will prove that america is babylon the great, and it does so with painstaking detail, which is why god says the american christian has no excuse whatsoever. The fate of babylon-america is likewise spelled out with clear concise parameters laid down by the lord of this universe. We also exposed the secret societies, the International Bankers, and the “RICH MEN" of the EARTH. This book covers the entire spectrum of bible prophecy and reveals many truths denied to the American Christian. The average Christian has no concept of the amount of censorship that is practiced within the Christian church, nor how much actual real truth he/she is denied because of it.

WM24 - $36.95



The Book of Documents

The Book of Documents is a collection of writings, official United States documents, UN documents, laws, maps, etc.., to prove that there is a NEW WORLD ORDER on the way even to the skeptic. This book originally started out to be a minor collection, but has

grown into a very large book of many, many hard to find “proofs”. It contains hundreds of pages and brings together, all in one book, all major documentation on the move to Globalism and the Rise of Antichrist. Included are such things as the protocols of the Elders of Sion, the Humanist Manifesto one and two, the Rothchild Manifesto, Iron Mountain, the New Age Manifesto, FEMA maps and documents, new Constitutions, Public Law 87-297, State Department document 7277 and others, all brought together in one place and segregated out to form a workable research book. With this workbook, you can prove to anyone that what you are telling them is true, and “here are the official documents to prove it.”

WM27 - $89.95



A Study of Demons
Download e-book - $5.00
(coming soon)

Most Christians, believe it or not, do not believe in demons or the actual reality of Satan. If Satan, Hell, Demons and Fallen Angels do not exist, then we have no need for Jesus Christ or Christianity. The fall of man was a real and literal fall, and placed the entire human race under the control of Satan, his Fallen Angels and Demons. Jesus Christ spent a large amount of time during His ministry casting out demons from people. If they do not exist, then would Christ do that? This study will prove to you the reality of Demons, the reality of Satan, and the methods by which he works. Mankind indeed and in truth walks in complete and total spiritual darkness. The Bible calls it gross spiritual darkness. If you are not a regenerated Christian in truth, you are, right now, under the power of Satan and his Demons. There is only one way out, and Christ came to Earth to give us that way out, and mankind has rejected it, and so too have most of the Christians. There is a veil over the human mind. It is invisible and unfelt, but it is real. Only Christ can tear the veil in two, and bring the believer into the light of His agape love. He will do it only for the Christian that has been obedient to His commands. The few have left the outer court, and have journeyed through the inner court, and walked through the veil right into the Holy of Holies and the presence of the living God.

WM26 - $28.95



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