The American-Babylon Connection

A six hour investigation of the Babylonian Doctrines of the Bible and how it relates to the true identity of America, in spite of all the denials by the "prophetic experts". In fact, their denials are a total fulfillment of one of the prophecies against America - that God's people would not only not know their identity, but would deny with great violence their true position before the Lord. There is no other video documentary on the market like this one. You will know more about Bible prophecy and the truth of who is who then 90% of God's "own people" if you just follow through with your own Bible study to prove if "these things be true". Discover why the so called "prophetic experts" of Christian America are in such a deception as to the true identification of Babylon! It covers the entire spectrum of the Babylonian mystery system, the nation, the city, the religion, the money and the political system.

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