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An evening with Larry Taylor and Stewart Best discussing ancient writings found in Heavener, Oklahoma.  Also; Portals, Visions, Earthquakes, and Electro-Magnetic Activity. Full of very interesting information.      

An evening with Larry Taylor and Stewart Best following up on Larry's Heavener, Oklahoma trip and the ancient writings found there; The Bible code run by Professor Thomas Mack; The Nephilim, Alien Abductions, UFO sightings, Visions on Mars, Project      Red Star, Lucifer's kingdom, Psychotronic Warfare, Demonic Remote Viewing vs. Seeing in the Spirit, and Earth Changes of the Bible.        

An evening with Larry Taylor and Stewart Best with an update on Heavener, God's plan for each of us, the "New Internet" and privacy, Satanic activity and the invisible things, Secret Societies, Corrupt Government, The Di Vinci Code, The Psalm 2 War, Bill Clinton, Mainstream News Censorship, the Spirit World, the Sixth Sense, Genetic Manipulation, the End of the Age, the Mayan date of 2012, Bible codes are a witness, Earth Changes, Cosmic Waves, and Portals. Jam packed with important topics!

Stewart Best along with Larry Taylor discuss a variety of subjects ranging from the Middle East war in Israel, Earth Changes, an update on Heavener, and a discussion on Red Elk.

An evening with Stewart Best and Red Elk discussing Earth Changes, Fallen Ones, Portals, Visions, Hungering for Knowledge and the Search for the Creator.

News overload/Breaking News daily, Middle East in a Boil and Future War Plans, Psalm Two War Update, Ministry Attacks because of Speaking the Truth, Psychotronic Warfare  Update, Mysterious Stone Writings, Blue Beam Project Deceptions, UFO’s, Portals and a lot more.

Stewart Best and Larry Taylor talk about what’s going on in the Middle East and North Korea.  Also discussed:  Strange Creatures, Psychotronic Warfare, Spirit/Soul Differences, FBI Changes (internal), Corrupt Government, School shootings and the Release of Demons.

Stewart Best and Larry Taylor discuss Israel, Korea, Iran and Syria, with an update on the Middle East.  Also talks about Delays in Time for Bible Prophecy, State of Law Enforcement, 501 C3 Churches, Anti-gravity and the Nazi Occult, Alien Invasion, Remote Viewing and Mars, and Black Projects.

Stewart Best and Art Skora talk about Faith, The Walk, the Straight Gate and the Narrow Way.  Great Encouragement for those Seeking to Find the Truth.

Update with Larry Taylor discussing Earth Changes, Israel and the Middle East, Red Elk and much more.

Stewart Best and Larry Taylor talk about Copyright, Destruction of Property Rights, Middle East, and a whole lot more.

Stewart Best and four other believers in a round table discussion on Sudden Accidental Death and Believers.  Last ½ hour contains a separate update with Larry Taylor.

Stewart Best and Larry Taylor discuss Earth Changes, Middle East, Portals, UFO’s, Aliens, and more.

The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes and Stewart best discussing many topics related to Solar Cycle 24 and the Bible. A very good program well worth listening to more than once.                                                                                                                                                      

A conversation with Larry Taylor, with the latest information of high strangeness that is unfolding across the world, from the fallen ones to the Days of Noah.  Visions, remote viewing, grays, UFO and visitations.  Portals and gateways, comet Lovejoy and War.  Planet-X and Earth changes.  Red Elk and his vision of Ice – the recent ice storms in the nation are but a beginning.  Baby Food being poisoned next to kill American babies – all mothers need to be alert, climate change, famine, and War in the Middle East.

A conversation with Art Skora concerning personal prophecy, portals and grays, salvation and the salvation portal, false salvation, strait gate and narrow way, reality of experiential death and rebirth in the Spirit of the Lord, which is Divine Agape.

An evening with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing: Recent tornado outbreaks in the Heartland of America-Is it a controlled event by the Illuminati? The dumbing down of the people, Native American prophecies being rejected even when they're accurate; Article by Michael Boldea "Enabling Evil", Political corruption and hate crimes bill, End-time dreams and visions, Christian attacks by the enemy increasing; A burden on the elderly, Earthquakes and volcanic activity around the world, Genetically Modified Food and its effect on everything; Update on Nephilim activity in the Oklahoma / Arkansas area also relates to Tom Horn's article about the fallen angels / Nephilim / Hybrids, Frequencies and other dimensions, Structures etc. on Mars and what Werner Von Braun said, Article on how the book of the Kolbrin survived in print, Article: Something is moving under Antarctica, US denies Ice Highway is for Antarctica and government cover-up of UFOs and secret bases there, Klaus Dona and underground caverns, Stewart and Larry bring it all together and connect the dots to God's word and end-time Bible prophecies. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it  be again!  Star gates / Portals / Black holes & Worm holes to other galaxies. Very informative discussion for inquisitive minds.                                                                                                                                                        

Another round table discussion with fellow believers and followers of Jesus Christ. This evening revolves around political events that effect our lives, Bible prophecy related to gas prices, earth changes, and the economy; Preaching the Gospel in season and out of season, God's judgment against America, spiritual Israel vs. the land (nation) of Israel, various Scripture verses and what they mean are discussed, The tabernacle (God's Temple) in the wilderness and how it compares to our bodies being God's temple. The inner man and the Holy of holies, Rebirth and piercing the veil, the strait gate and narrow way, going to the lowest room, how the great pyramid resembles a Bible in stone, Isaiah 17: the prophecy about Damascus being destroyed and what ensues.                                                                                                                                                 

An evening with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing: Extreme weather and Bush's recent executive order for pre-disaster relief, Martial law and oil prices, ocean heating effects on hurricanes that will force mass evacuations, government corruption, Report from Ed Dames on a nuclear accident he remote viewed, Native American and Bible prophecy, 1985 book warning of Britain's destruction by Russia very reminiscent of what will befall America according to Bible prophecy, alien / gray sightings in Oklahoma or in another dimension?, strange and unusual accidents continue to increase as God's protection is being lifted, the strong delusion and alien contact deception coming, "seeing" in the spirit, angelic entities and giants, RFID and the NAFTA super highway I-35 construction, Middle East current activity, NASA report about populating the Moon, National Geographic article about Thunderbirds and America being split apart in ancient times, Big earthquakes and the Bots' predictions, Red Elk DVD by BVP, Sorcha Faal's article about Russian fleets fleeing a coming tsunami.                                                                                                                                                        

Special Report with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing Planet X and what the Lord showed Larry in a vision, end time prophecies, the earth changes that will ensue, as well as those that are already upon us. Excellent program related to very important subjects.                                                                                                                                                        

2 hour programs

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