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Discourse on the importance of separating ourselves from this world to search for the Lord and the spiritual things of God's Kingdom; EXCERPT of interview with Stewart and John Lear discussing the Moon and Mars being populated, NASA's hidden space program and their public space program, the Disclosure Project, Global Warming; Commentary on the SUN as related to the SON; EXCERPT of Art Bell Show with Ret. Major Ed Dames (Dr. Doom) discussing "The Kill Shot" and what could be effecting the Sun, earthquake statistics & weather changes, a cosmic rapture, gravity waves from outside the solar system; EXCERPT from the Q Files: Steve Quayle interview with archeologist Klaus Dona discussing ancient artifacts, findings of giants, ice stones, and little beings. Most fascinating and important information. BOTH SIDES                 


A follow up on "STUFF" The STUFF of this world  (Lot's wife) and the Lord's admonition to save up treasures in heaven; EXCERPT of George Carlin skit on "STUFF";  Response to email from a Christian woman about "STUFF" as related to previous Borderlands Programs, Count the cost and ponder what is important and necessary as we search for the Truth.

EXCERPT from Q Files with Steve Quayle labeled "Lying Liars" from 12/15/06 about the government usurping our freedom: The White House tightens publishing rules for the USGS, The coming financial collapse, E-coli a terrorist attack; Earth changes visions; Britain's secret documents act: Lies behind the Iraq war; 10,600 USGS scientists object to censorship by the government; EXCERPT of Steel on Steel Show with John Loeffler: So you're not a terrorist yet: Just what is freedom?                                                                                                                    


The right to own private property: Copyright infringement - BVP under attack by email from; EXCERPT from Q Files on 12/26/06 with Stewart and Steve Quayle discussing earth changes & how God works through nature to speak to the nations, Taiwan quakes & typhoons possibly by manmade technology, solar & volcanic activity, Government suppression of the USGS and others from making reports & warnings, population reduction, genetically modified foods and food shortages, the view ahead to 2007 and beyond. Hybrid cyclone "91 C"

UPDATE / EXCERPT from Conversations #12 with Larry Taylor discussing copyright infringement of BVP documentaries and the mentality of people today: The reversal Isaiah spoke of is in full swing! Evil is good & Good is evil.    


Why did Jesus come? Woe unto them who call Good evil and Evil good: Very dark energy; Commentary on the Wright Brothers not being the first to fly & how they stole Gustav Whitehead invention; What does it mean to love the Lord? Being obedient to the Lord's commands will show Him: Enter ye in at the strait gate, Importunity and the revelation of Jesus Christ at rebirth - Study to show yourself approved. Excellent sermon - an important message we all need to hear.                                                                                                                  
EXCERPT from Q files Jan 2, 2007 with Steve Quayle and George Ure from discussing economics & US currency, winter storms and climate changes: The 10 worst disasters, their effects & impacts on us, Web Bots see the Mississippi river overflowing possibly in the spring of 2007.                                                                                                                 


EXCERPT from The Q Files Show on Jan. 8, 2007 with Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo discussing a "meteor" in Colorado, a new comet being a harbinger, volcanic activity, strange odors around the US a possible warning of coming quake activity, reasons given for Navy's maps not being available, solar activity and climate changes, Russia and the Middle East, etc.                                                                                                               
Commentary by Stewart on the Q Files program, intermingled with Stewart's vision of Earth taking a comet hit and a much needed reminder of our need to rest in God's promises because He is in control, Daniel's 70th Week & Psalm 90's timeline; Assorted dreams and visions from people about America's coasts being changed, and an attack upon the United States; Article about the temperature of rocks at the New Madrid Zone. A very eye-opening program for those who want to see - This year will be very telling. Lift up your heads!  


Short discourse explaining authentic rebirth and what the great white throne judgment means, Godly sorrow vs. worldly repentance; Articles: Over 4.5 billion people could die from global warming related causes by 2012; Climate catastrophe could eliminate half of Earth's species.  EXCERPT / UPDATE with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing: Martial law, speculation of where we are on the prophetic timeline of thing yet to come, the underground war in the Rocky Mountains, concerns of activities that may occur in March, satanic attacks increasing; EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and scientist James McCanney discussing comet McNaught (C/2006 P1) as it approaches the Sun, the differences between asteroids and comets, sun-spots, and Venus being a captured comet; Commentary: California deep freeze and the ripple effect on people and produce.                                                                                                             
EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Steve Quayle discussing: Terrorist attack on US Embassy in Greece, thousands of dead birds, electromagnetic warfare, strange smells and methane gas, volcanoes, the timing of the  USGS being stifled, a 600 year old mummy frozen in fear, harmonic frequencies are changing, murdered microbiologists and the N.W.O. population reduction plans, transgenics, giants, aliens, and fallen angles. Another powerhouse program full of information you need to know as we connect the dots to what is shortly in store for everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


What true salvation is and is not: Understanding authentic regeneration / rebirth; Discerning the revelation of Jesus Christ through His word; Are dreams and visions proof of your salvation? Understanding the function of the Trinity; An in-depth study to help us identify the authentic bestowment of Divine "Agape" and the obedience required to be an over comer;  Stewart gives the personal testimony of his journey and search for the Truth that led to his eventual rebirth experience. Going from faith and belief to an experiential knowledge - The end of our faith. BOTH SIDES             


What true salvation is and is not: An in-depth series continues with a discussion of the Old & New Covenants explained through God's word; How to know you are absolutely Born Again as it is detailed in Scripture and not of man; This is the most important subject we all need to understand - It's a matter of eternal life and death. Don't wonder, know for sure! The unexpected death of brother Eugene White: A candid heartfelt discussion by men of God in a round table forum as they discuss Eugene's journey and their own calling to the real truth of The Gospel-An EXCERPT from Conversations 12 it gives us hope, shows us how fragile our lives are, and how soon they can be cut off.                                                                                                                    


What true salvation is and is not: An in-depth series continues with a  look at the actual experience we are to undergo at the time of rebirth according to Scripture; Once to die, then the judgment; The love of Lucifer's "new age" Christ force within released, compared to the supernatural Divine Love bestowment: How Satan twists God's word in an attempt to deceive multitudes. BOTH SIDES - An excellent series everyone needs to understand.   


Short review of true salvation and rebirth compared to modern day Christianity; Female astronaut scandal is a smoke-screen: EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Richard C. Hoagland discussing the situation;       EXCERPT from Q Files 2/5/07: Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo discuss the unusual earthquake activity in the mid-west / New Madrid area and people all over talking about loud booms / sulfur smells; EXCERPT of Coast to Coast AM with George and author Brent Miller "The Coming Catastrophe" discuss his book and what he thinks is coming from the Galactic Plain. A confirmation from a non-Christian perspective of what the Bible has already told us, also discussed are previous advanced civilization with high technology he claims were wiped out by catastrophes (Just as Ecclesiastes says-There is nothing new under the Sun) See Horizon Project Website for more information. Very interesting interview.    


American military operation for a major conventional war with Iran could be implemented any day; Sorcha Faal: Putin orders Russian military forces to attack US forces during any Iranian invasion; EXCERPT from Art Bell show with John Jay Harper discussing  solar cycle 24 and its effects on our health, climate, and our consciousness, China's missile test to shoot down satellites and space wars effects on society, the 2012 date, bird flu pandemic, preparedness for coming disasters, and calls from listeners. BOTH SIDES.                             


EXCERPTED from the 1999 Art Bell show with Stewart discussing the coming polar shift and the earth changes that will result from it; Current political events and America's destruction as the N.W.O. attempts to bring their agenda to fruition; Columbine and the mind set of people today; Solar activity and cycle 23-24, UFOs and so called "aliens" exposed for what we know they really are, their arrival and the anti-Christ; Project Bluebeam. All related the Bible prophecy. An excellent show well worth ordering the entire program. All the information is still very timely even after all this time!                                                                                                                     


Short update on "Battle Under the Rockies"; EXCERPT from Jerome Gerbasi's book "The Prophetic Harmony of the           Lamp of God” and the 70th Week of Daniel: Feast of Pentecost [The harvest of Christians / The rapture] vs. the occult's rapture of the wicked; Audio EXCERPT from The Byte Show: An interview with GeorgeAnn Hughes and Stewart Best discussing Solar Cycle 24 and Bible prophecy as it relates to end times, except the days be shortened…and the earth changes that will occur during those times; Comet McNaught and its path being a message to mankind, the pole shift, the thinning of the veil and electromagnetic fields, Alternative 3 [The plan of the rich men], global warming and the translation of the saints. Excellent show with lots of information - Order Conversations 14 if you want the entire interview almost 2 hrs. EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM show: George Noory interview with Red Elk discussing the coming shut down of his website and what he sees coming in the future from Native Indian prophecies and visions, Thunderbirds, Mel's hole, and Lizard people.  An interesting interview as usual with Red Elk.                                                                                                                  


Short discourse about Native American prophecies and how they differ from God's word; Human nature and the reality of the fall; The grave of Jesus discovered - Shades of Project Bluebeam; Invisible RFID ink safe for cattle and people; ACLU applauds Idaho for rejecting participation in the Federal "Real ID Act of 2005" - Ruler against ruler [Part of Jeremiah's prophecy] and who can make war with the beast? Viacom suing Google's You Tube for copyright infringement in their on line programming; Venus transit in June 2012; The thinning of the veil and the electromagnetic effects on our physical and mental health; Mankind's enmity against God's Truth; Repentance and rebirth.

Another EXCERPT from the book "The Prophetic Harmony of the Lamp of God and the 70th Week of Daniel: The feast day of Pentecost - Dispensational changes and how it works; EXCERPT from a recent interview Stewart did with Red Elk about his understanding of God's word, Nineveh, the rapture, the coming pole shift, and climate changes.                                                                                                                     


Star gates, Portals, and Heaven's doorway: A look into other dimensions and the E.T. / UFO connection; University of Wisconsin conference on God, Man, and E.T. with guest speaker Richard C. Hoagland discussing the face on Mars, as well as the implications of other life beyond planet Earth and Mankind. An amazing look at how the strong delusion God said He would cast down, is working. Also an audio EXCERPT from David Frye called "Piercing the Portals" about the existence of other dimensions. Important information necessary for all serious Christians to grasp what the enemy has in store for everyone in the not too distant future. BOTH SIDES.                                                                                                                      


Excerpt from a  Global Report update with Larry Taylor discussing: Prophecy, dreams, visions, and signs of things to come as well as the time frame for them and being prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually; People starting to relocate all over the world; Middle East activity, bank foreclosures on homes and the economy, police activity - clandestine searches;  EXCERPT from Q Files: Steve Quayle discusses Iran and oil prices, Large Somalia earthquake & tsunami went unreported by the USGS, and a large UFO emitting an unknown language crash landing in Somalia being call a satellite-are they some-how connected? Web Bots & the "green death" they're predicting is an economic collapse, Iran & the British soldiers that were taken hostage; EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory & Psychic remote viewer Sean David Morton discuss a wide variety of subjects from earth changes, the Mayan 2012 end of the age & other ancient beliefs, the economy energy points around the world that correspond to our bodies, many Messiahs and the force within: Connecting the dots to what the enemy is up to - All a part of the strong delusion God sends & how it will work on those who dwell upon earth.                                                                                                                      


Last Trumpet Newsletter: The coming of our Savior Jesus Christ is at the door and what He sees in the United States and the world at large, as well as the signs that are upon us; Peculiar odor and caverns under Manhattan, Solar activity and the 2007 eclipse; ROUND TABLE with Norval, Paul, Bill, and Stewart discussing the meat of Scripture, Eugene's death, demonic activity being on the rise, the false teachers, preachers, and evangelists, being called to the real truth of the Gospel, signs that will bring Christians in to the real truth at the very end of times, the revelation of Jesus Christ at rebirth and the denial of it by the church today, the difference between Agape and phileo love. Good food for the soul.                                                                                                                      


Commentary on salvation and end time signs (Men's hearts failing them); EXCERPT from Art Bell Show with Major Ed Dames Ret. (Dr. Doom) remote viewer discussing the disappearing bee population and colony collapse, wheat mold, the solar influence on our planet, and migrating underground for survival; EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Linda Moulton Howe discussing the dying bee population possibly being due to pesticides and other unknown reasons, as well as speculation of genetically modified foods being part of the cause.                                                                                                                   
EXCERPT from Conversations 15 with Larry Taylor discussing unusual supernatural activity and reactions by domestic animals, spiritual warfare on the increase, sightings of large entities (Nephilim); EXCERPT from Conversations 16 with with Art Skora discussing portals and the thinning of the veil, other dimensions, rapture of the wheat and the tares; Sorcha Faal's article: Scientists issue massive global warming earthquake warning.             


The strong delusion God sends upon mankind and an excerpt from the book The Disclosure Project by Dr. Steven Greer which shows us how it's going to work on the disobedient and those who dwell upon the earth; EXCERPT from a book titled "Hunt for the Skywalker" Chapter 1 "Wolf", Chapter 8 "The Window" and Chapter 19 "The Tunnel" Fact or Fiction???  You decide…Excellent reading.    
The portal of salvation: The strait gate & The Narrow Way are God's portals - The study continues with many Bible verses included to prove the "door" & the "way" are actually portals to another dimension, God's kingdom. Important information for serious students of God's word in these most mysterious end times.                                                 


The portal of salvation: The strait gate & The Narrow Way are God's portals to rebirth in another dimension: Ye must be born again! EXCERPT from audio tape by David Fry "Piercing the Portals" continued from previous program on BL354. The difference between dreams and visions and the saving encounter / revelation of Jesus Christ at regeneration, and a look at the warnings given to us in the Bible about "familiar spirits" and the god of this world. A continuing study.    


The portal of salvation and the strong delusion: A continuing study. We are a human temple and tabernacle with an inner portal to our holy of holies where we sit upon our antichrist throne unless & until we repent a repentance not to be repented of. The way to find our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the salvation portal He offers to everyone who will take up His challenge: It's not His will that any should perish; Warning to a pastor in 1944 about what will happen to the lying slothful shepherds; Sorcha Faal article: Australia begins secret talks about evacuating half the continent due to epic drought;  Audio EXCERPT from Richard C. Hoagland special "God, Man, and ET" David Flynn narrates the Mars Earth Connection about the Cydonia landscape on Mars (Another example of how the strong delusion is working on those who dwell upon the earth) He also discusses Genesis 6 and the flood of Noah. Fascinating and detailed information on ancient beliefs.                                                                                                            


Commentary on the salvation portal, picking up your own cross, the Divine Revelation, and the Gnostic element;  EXCERPT from the Coast to Coast AM program with George Noory and Nancy Lieder a new age channeler who claims to be an "ET" contactee / abductee by beings from a place called Zeta Reticuli. They discuss Planet X, the Mayan date of 2012, solar cycle 24 and global warming, previous predictions of earth changes, other dimensions and frequencies, Betty and Barney Hill abduction, also channels answers to questions from callers (called Zetatalk). The strong delusion!                                             

The adaptability of man's senses, frequencies, portals, and antigravity; Heaven's portal and the narrow way, importunity and patience; Proving through Scripture that the mind of man is constructed in the same way as the tabernacle in the wilderness / God's temple.                                                                                                                    


The salvation portal: The many vs. the few - What makes the difference between them being accepted or rejected by Jesus; The construction of the tabernacle / God's temple related to the human spiritual psyche (The outer court, the inner court, and the holy of holies); The veil over our minds with various scripture recited as proof / confirmation; Connecting the dots to the mystery and hidden wisdom of God's Word and the revelation of Jesus Christ at rebirth; Gnosticism denied by modern Christianity (The many) BOTH SIDES - Excellent material for an in-depth study.                                                                                                                                                                                               


The salvation portal: God's temple and the Tabernacle reviewed; The parable of the Sower, the job of the Holy Spirit and  the narrow way, Psalm 31:22-24 Exhorting the brethren; Short UPDATE with Larry Taylor discussing the cost of living and government control, the strong delusion, spiritual warfare and the wearing down of the saints. Kinsman redeemer law: The reason Satan needs to manipulate our DNA before Christ returns; EXCERPT from the Art Bell Show with Tom Horn about his new book "Nephilim Stargate", transgenics and government's black operations, ancient & modern Babylon. It appears                
someone is a little confused?  


Sorcha Faal article: George Bush signs document to give total power to the American Presidency and its shadow government against its citizens; US government and Washington elites are aggressively ramping up their war on terrorism rhetoric and propaganda to bolster their agenda; EXCERPT from the Q Files with Steve Quayle and Dr. Steve Pieczenik: A CIA insider and psychiatrist focusing on international relations to solve major military conflicts. They discuss the US military meltdown with the current administration in the Middle East war on terror and government corruption. Also the current presidential executive orders passed by Bush (NSPD-51 & HSPD-20) which give him dictatorial powers are discussed; Commentary by Stewart and an article about the North American integration of bio-region #1; Short UPDATE with Larry Taylor discussing world government's interest and studies of bible prophecy, 2007 hurricane season and oil supplies, the poisoning of the United States and others by China.                                                                                                               


Connecting the dots as the Sanhedrin come back into existence: From the book of Enoch about the rich men, Isaiah's prophecy of the translation of the saints, and the coming Jewish Utopia ruled by the seven Noachide Laws; Commentary on the Psalm 2 war and their attempt to destroy Jesus Christ from off this world and why we must be born again to escape God's wrath; Ref. Chapter 95 from the Book of Enoch & Article written by Ted Pike.
A closer look at what the latest presidential executive order NSPD-51 and what it actually says; A "PHD" says more mental health testing needs to be done on our children; EXCERPT from Q Files with Steve Quayle and Hawk discussing:  USGS not reporting all earthquakes and lowering their original magnitudes, the Bush administration and the Russian cold war, the planned war against Iran, the Tuberculosis scare a test run on how it would spread, bomb scares, job security and the mark of the beast, the rising cost of living and unemployment, UFOs, space wars, and Black Ops, portals being opened, earth changes and a multitude of events to come soon. BOTH SIDES are very informative to those who will hear it.                      


Commentary on being grounded in God's word and discerning the spirit of all things and people; A new ROUND TABLE discussion with Stewart & Cindy, Bill & Patty, Pastor Paul, Norval, and Denise discussing the true salvation gospel, God's commandments and obedience He requires, the narrow way and being called out to it. | Also an EXCERPT from a book called "American Indian Prophecies: Conversations with Chasing Bear.                                                                                                                       


Commentary: America Babylon is bio-region #1 of the global beast and is being created through the North American Alliance, False modern Christian theology and true salvation, God's plan for mankind will prevail and why you must study to show yourself approved unto Him, God responds through nature on the states and the nations who are disobedient,  Prepare as best you can and rely on God for the rest; EXCERPT from a book " How to survive 2012"; Changes in where the moon is rising; La Palma volcanic activity and possible tsunami effects on Florida, as well as effects on other coastal regions; When they say "Peace and Security" sudden destruction cometh; EXCERPT from Steel on Steel Program with John Loeffler and Jerome Corsi discussing politician's mind set, 2009-2012 crisis window, Social Security, Bush's latest presidential orders (NSPD-51 & HSPD-20) which give him dictatorial powers, concentration camps in the US confirmed, North American Integration Plan, government secrecy and open conspiracy - Who are they?  


EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Stanton Friedman, and Jesse Marcel Jr. discussing the 1947 incedent of a UFO crash and the subsequent government cover-up. A telling interview shows how steeped these people are becoming in the strong delusion God sends upon those who dwell upon the earth and received not the Love of the Truth. BOTH SIDES   


Short commentary on salvation, understanding that God can use anyone or anything He chooses to give dreams, visions,   or signs of things to come including Red Elk just as God's word says. A letter written to Stewart telling him how wrong he (Stewart) is about Red Elk and others; The two aspects of Jesus Christ, the importance of studying the Bible to show YOURSELF approved; Prophecies of a South African prophet who lived from 1864-1926 have been coming true and recent news articles confirm them; Operation Northwoods: A plan to use Feds internally for terrorist attacks against us and Bush's most recent presidential directives NSPD51 & HSPD21 - They're getting ready for something! Putin's visit with both Bush Sr. & Jr. ; Another short commentary on a Viking Rune symbol for gateways that they equated with giants & demons;  

EXCERPT from the Q Files with Hawk hosting the show and discussing a variety of topics including: The immigration bill,  the Middle East &  a warning he sent to Steve, Radio high frequency extreme chatter discussion of the US & Iran going to nuclear war and how there was almost another Cuban Missler Crisis, the media being controlled by the powers that be, the importance of and preparing for a nuclear attack in various ways, gas rationing in Iran, North Korea, Top secret clearances, Space warfare - who's involved?

Inter-dimensional gates - Who or what is using them, UFOs, the D.O.D., Clones, Super-natural activity
underground, Illegal activity by the current administration, Chaney's involvement in 9/11, Texas storms, the coming economic collapse & precious metals. Important information you won't get in mainstream media!                 


Commentary on the Middle East: US and Russian conflict; Short  partial UPDATE with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing how the world's affairs being run by the "Rich Men" is scripted and Middle East activities; Audio EXCERPT from a woman in the United States who calls herself a prophetess giving  prophecies she says she received from the Lord during a period from 2005 - 2007 about the US invasion of Iraq & probably into Iran and what America's fate will be because of it - It is a confirmation of what we as Christians do and should know if we have studied God's word as we were commanded.           

Audio EXCERPT from CNN interview with Michael Moore as he attacks the media for lying to the American people about everything; The coming UFO invasion: Our only escape is Jesus Christ and being quickened together with Him in the act of Regeneration; EXCERPT of the update with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing Alternative 3 of the rich men, Viking runes and pre-Adamic civilizations, UFOs and the so-called "aliens", Portals and missing people; Extreme heat, Fires, and wet weather throughout the United States; Well water in Arkansas is too hot to drink; Big earthquake in Mexico and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.                 


Jordan Valley has been vacated in preparation of possible war with Syria; A review of the portal to the Holy of Holies and salvation; The importance of coming to God and His word as a child ; "In the Beginning" - A look at the "fall" of mankind and why Jesus came via the kinsman redeemer law after the flood of Noah; British-Israel theology errors; God's mercy and salvation of the young and infirm of mind; Modern prophetic preachers are blinded to America being Babylon the great; God says he will pick our delusions if we refuse to leave this world behind; Doing good and understanding the importance of why we should; The coming strong delusion and end-time tribulation events; Evolution vs. creation. BOTH SIDES are filled with important and worthwhile information.                                                                                                                


Q Files: Guest Stan Deyo tells Steve Quayle how God showed him how the universe works in the 2-part show: Part 1 deals with Einstein's "Theory of Relativity", Part 2 deals with "gravity and magnetism" Stan also relates his dreams / visions about how he came to these conclusions and is finally submitting his findings to a group of his peers.                                   


Commentary on the deception and delusions of the "many" and the calling of the "few"; Exhorting the brethren to study to show yourself approved unto God and leaving the world behind; The false prophets and "churchianity"; Examine yourself to be sure you are in the faith; The salvation express vs. playing "the game" of "this world" Excellent sermon and words of encouragement for all those on the way or those who are thinking about entering in.                                                                                                                     
EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp and his guest John Lear discussing Area 51, Bob Lazar, UFOs, anti-gravity, and the reality of disclosure occurring. The introduction by George Knapp shows us how the strong delusion is taking hold to deceive the many who dwell upon the whole face of the earth.                                                                                                                      


Commentary on portals & dimensions of this world & spirit vs. the salvation portal to reach Jesus Christ; EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with an exorcist discussing Nephilim, portals, and ancient text with a fallen twist; UPDATE with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing the I35W bridge collapse, dreams and visions of David Booth, and Larry's recent dream of going underground to escape a planet-like object and fireballs coming upon the Earth from the south on Holly Deyo's birthday, Ed Dames remote viewed something similar, new email from Red Elk about his vision of an object (asteroid) in space heading toward Earth; EXCERPT from a round table discussion of believers discussing President Bush, oil shortages & ethanol, food shortages & famine, Earth changes, scriptures related to Divine Revelation (the mystery of God's word), and Norval's dream of his walk and the things of this world that keep us tied to Satan. BOTH SIDES           


Commentary on true salvation and the need to study with an open mind to gain the Love of the Truth; EXCERPT from a book about stargates and unknown creatures by Tom Horn called Nephilim Stargates; Speculating on what the days of   Noah entailed; The miracle at Fatima; The numerics of 2012 and the occult; Connecting the dots to the strong delusion that God Himself send down; Other dimensions & the spirit world, mankind's fallen nature, can inter-dimensional beings leave physical evidence behind? NASA transmission of Apollo 11 astronaut's seeing beings and ships on the moon;
ARTICLE: "Giants" by Glen A. Campbell and scriptural verses that speak of the giants; Even Buffalo Bill knew about them.           


Tex Marrs article: Jews target the Christian Bible; Connecting the dots: Warner Von Braun's warning about the last card (the alien card) being played; EXCERPT from coast to coast AM show: George Noory and Linda Moulton-Howe discuss recent crop circle formations on 7/7/07 and beyond in England and what they mean, strange black helicopters and EMP activity reported at the same time, portals and other dimensions, pesticides and pollinators, global warming, the year 2012 and solar cycle 24. BOTH SIDES                                                                                                                      


Native Americans reveal centuries of extraterrestrial contact lore; EXCERPT from Dr. Steven Greer's book "Disclosure" about the face on Mars: EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM show: George Noory and Stan Deyo discuss Earth changes and why scientists have been muzzled by the White House, Solar activity, ancient prophecy and alternative mode of travel via flying saucer technology; EXCERPT: Coast to Coast AM with Ed Dames talking about his remote viewing projects including the "Kill shot", economics, nuclear terrorism, 9/11 and Bin Laden's connection.                                                                                                               


"Homeward Bound" a paper which claims faith and belief in Jesus Christ is salvation. A look into why that is a common misconception. Is the human race actually fallen? An examination of the foundation on which the gospel is laid out; Why we need to be reborn out of the world of the dead and quickened together with Christ; The secret, mysterious, and hidden wisdom of the Bible's narrow way vs. belief and faith only along the broad way; Earth is a planet of the living dead.
EXCERPT from a round table discussion about the economy that leads to the mark of the beast, the coming new world order, as it was in the days of Noah, earth changes, the middle east, various scripture read and discussed.              


Commentary about how easily society is "offended" by people's free speech and how it distracts us from what is really important; The world that then was - destroyed in Genesis because of the god of this world. Ike Dillon: Dark World of the Reptilians: The Earth's Lost World; A look at the serpent race who appears to be in another dimension and underground; Reptiles that eat human children are being reported.                                                                                                            


EXCERPT from The Book of the Kolbrin: Mankind's missing/lack of Divine Love and Earth's recreation - confirms the Bible, authentic rebirth, and the hidden wisdom of the narrow way. Even the ancients knew about it!                                                                                                                 
EXCERPT: Q files host John Galt discusses economics; The Stock Market & Oil prices. EXCERPT: Conversation 20 with Larry Taylor and Stewart discussing: The politics of "this world" and God's judgment, Planet X/The Destroyer and what is coming upon Earth as seen in the spirit by Larry.                  


EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Jaysen Q. Rand discussing Planet X's arrival which he calls Wormwood and the havoc it will wreak upon Earth as it makes two passes through our solar system in 2009 & 2012, he also says he's had alien contact and his info was channeled. Another example of the strong delusion working in the children of disobedience that God warned He would send. BOTH SIDES    


EXCERPT from Q Files with Hawk discussing latest hate crime law, gun control and the coming police state, Middle East activity, underground / other dimension Black Ops, Russia / other nations Star Wars projects, nuclear war and fallout shelters in the United States.                                                                    
EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett and Glenn Kimball, an expert in ancient manuscript discuss the year 2012, the Mayan culture, and what effects we can expect to see occur on planet Earth at the end of the age according to the ancient writings.                                                                                                                        


Discourse on salvation and exhorting the brethren; UFOs / alien arrival and the strong delusion, excerpt from Dr. Steven Greer's book Disclosure Project, and quotes from well known people who have been deceived  about the UFOs/aliens.                                                                                                       
EXCERPT from Q Files with Hawk discussing Anubis, ancient Egypt, and their rituals as related to the plans of the Illuminati today, UFO sightings and the Nephilim, backwards engineered craft and government black ops, end time prophetic events, "Top Off" and other government exercises for nuclear attacks on the US, and torture being done by the United States is denied Bush.                                                                                                                     


Discourse on the rebirth process and Stewart's personal testimony as he tries to describe what looking into God's Divine Agape Love is like. To gain further insight and understanding purchase the DVD "The Testimony" Excerpt from a round table discussion of various topics including: today's political events related to Bible prophecy, the narrow way, rebirth, and spiritual blindness.                                                                                                               


Godly repentance: what is it and what does it really mean? The importance of knowing the difference between it and worldly sorrow; Commentary on the Psalm 2 war and political correctness; UPDATE to an update with Larry  Taylor about the current Middle East activity and rumor of WWIII ramping up against Iran, vision of a "star" of judgment falling on the US Psalm 90 timeline ends in 49 days; US military resistance forced a shift on Iran strike, ruler against ruler, Israeli newspaper warns WWIII may be the biblical war of Gog and Magog: Connecting the dots to these end time events.                                                                                                             


EXCERPT from Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp and John Lear discussing a secret submarine testing base under the Nevada desert near Hawthorne and what goes on there, secret space stations and satellites, element 115 and Bob Lazar, area 52, the Tonopah test range, and other secret underground bases; Also Timothy Good is a guest later on the same night, the author of Above Top Secret & Need to Know who discusses UFO sightings and cover ups over the years, government bases their involvement. These interviews give us another view of how the strong delusion is working and will continue to influence those who dwell upon the Earth.                                                                                                                


EXCERPT from Q Files with Steve Quayle and Alex Jones discussing Alex's new documentary "End Game" about the plans of the Illuminati/rich men of the Earth and how their involvement is already effecting the events of today.                                                                                                             
AUDIO BLOG: Sorcha Faals article about the head of Satan star sends a comet warning to Earth, London ambulance drivers taking a break refuse to respond to call, J.K. Rowlings says Christianity inspired Harry Potter books. Boys who stoned man to death receive a two year jail sentence, Earthquake experts say Hayward fault is a tectonic time bomb, list of today's headlines show we are indeed in the end-times, Halloween spending almost equal to Christmas, Christmas should be downgraded for race relations, Iraq invasion was an attempt to restart Hitler's agenda.                                                                                                                      

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