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The Dynamic Of True Faith & Belief  /  Being A Christian Gnostic.



Divine Revelation-Was Jesus Christ A Gnostic? Believing & Faith vs. Knowing By Revelation, Binding The Strong Man.


Satan's Kingdom, He Walked Up & Down In The Stones Of Fire-Eze 28, Gen 6, Rev 12 (Both Sides).

Also Announcement of Project Redstar Video Release.



Illuminati Defector Speaks Out About Their Activities & Agendas.

Divine Revelation-Faith vs. Knowing & Reinforcement On The Narrow Way.



Divine Revelation-Faith vs. Knowing (Both Sides).



Exhorting The Brethren-A Much Needed Sermon of Encouragement! (Both Sides).



The Divine Revelation-What it is & What It Is Not (Continued Exhortation Of The Brethren-Both Sides).



The Divine Revelation (Continued Exhortation Of The Brethren-Both Sides).
The Divine Revelation-Is There Eternal Security.



The Divine Revelation-Whom God Foreknew (Continued Exhortation Of The Brethren-Both Sides).
The Divine Revelation-Can You Lose Your Salvation?



William Cooper Speaks Out About The Truth at A UFO Convention Just Before He Was Killed (Both Sides).



Review of The Series "Taken" (The Strong Delusion), George Noory Interview With Stan Deyo.
Coast to Coast Interview With Stan Deyo on High Technology, Anti-Gravity & Planned Alien Invasion.



Interview With Stan Deyo on High Technology, Anti-Gravity & Planned Alien Invasion Continues (Both Sides).



The Book of Zero Options; Our Denials to Love; The Holy of Holies & The Human Heart
Positive Thinking in Relation to God's Word, our Inner Heart & Subconscious Thoughts
Interview with Stewart On Local Radio Show Re: Project Redstar and Mars.



Having True Faith & The Walk of The Narrow Way (Both Sides) No Breaks-Excellent Sermon & Encouragement.



Agape vs. Phileo Love - Simon, Son of Jonas (Both Sides).



The Mark Of The Beast, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars (Both Sides).



Hopi Indian & Bible Prophecy on End Times, Info About Mars' Closest Orbits from 1800-1973.
Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars.



Health Related News-Pharmaceutical Related Deaths & Deaths From Unnecessary Surgeries, New World Order Agenda, The Mark Of The Beast, New Micro Chip Implants
Tex Mars Article on Babylon-Misinterpreting The Player, Chinese Troops in US, Other Health Related Issues.



Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster-God's Warning To The American People.

All is Vanity in This World-A Sad Commentary (Come Back Suzanne).



The Mark Of The Beast - A Series (Both Sides).



The Mark Of The Beast - A Series (Both Sides).



The Mark Of The Beast - A Series (Both Sides).



Middle East War, End Times, UFO's Increasing-As It Was, So Shall It Be (The Days Of Noah).

High Technology-He Maketh Fire To Come Down From Heaven In The Sight Of Men.



The Mark Of The Beast - Continuation of Series (Both Sides).



Hopi Indian End Time Prophecies.

Roman Catholic Religion and Ancient Babylon Rituals Compared.



The Secret Destiny Of America-By Manley P. Hall.

Understanding The New Age Philosophy.



True Regeneration Explained In Full and Complete Detail.

Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Eminence Denied).



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Old & New Testament Prophecies).

Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Doctrine Of Divine Decrees).



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Both Sides) + Words of Encouragement.



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Both Sides) + Methuselah, Psalm 90 & Haggai Reviewed.



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Both Sides) + Old Testament Covenants & Fig Tree Parable.



The Manifestation Of Christ, What The New Covenant Is-Proving It (Both Sides).



Signs Of Christ's Return - Series Continues (Both Sides) Can We Know?
Includes The 6,000 Year Doctrine and How It Came About.



Defending Jesus Christ and The Way of The Real Truth (Both Sides).
Prompted From The Attack on Stewart By Lisa Ruby.



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (The Constellation Explained, The Great Pyramid & The Sphinx).

Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Jewish Feast Days & Jesus Christ).



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Jewish Feast Days as Fulfilled by Jesus Christ).



End Time Prophecies According to The New Age and The Bible (Both Sides).
Most Related To Earth Changes Predicted By No Eyes in The Book Phoenix Rising By Mary Summer Rain.



Signs In The Sun, Alternative 3 / Ominous Parallels-Nazi Germany and the United States.



The Promises From God In Isaiah-It's All In Your Attitude (Both Side) Good Reinforcement.



Assorted News-Article on Bush and his God, UFO's-Government Conspiracy, Alien Abductions, Last Trumpet Newsletter on Newest Harry Potter Book, Chem-Trails & Babylon America.



Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Return of The False Messiah on a Jewish Feast Day?).
Signs Of Christ's Return - A Series (Satan's Return & The Timing of The Translation), Narrow Way Discussion.



Assorted News Articles on Mars' Closest Approach August 27-28, 2003.

Orson Wells' 1938 Radio Broadcast of The War of The Worlds.



Apostasy, Article about Billy Graham, More on Lisa Ruby (Both Sides).



Mars & UFO Sightings, The Mark taken by accident, God's Time Schedule, Split Tongue Fad, Prophecy of Young Genius, False Prophecy of date on Volcanic Eruption, Oslo Accord, Daniel's 4 Beasts, Fascism, classified alien hybrids, Betty & Barney Hill Abduction, Invasion from Mars.

Narrow Way Discussion & Encouragement To Continue On.



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Both Sides).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Both Sides).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Both Sides).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Both Sides).

Also Chief Justice Moore's Fight For The 10 Commandments Monument, God's Judgment on America



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Both Sides).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Breaking Intimidation-John Bevere).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Combat Faith-Hal Lindsey).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Smith Wigglsworth).



Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Where is your treasure?).

Faith, Trust and Belief - A Series (Power & Authority).



Terri Schiavo's Fight For Life, R.F.I.D. Tags, Isaiah 17 War, The Promises of the Lord.

The Promises of the Lord - Do You Believe Them?



Terri Schiavo's Fight For Life & The Lord's Judgment to Come, CBS Special Against Home Schooling.
Gitmo Prison Executions to Come, Pentagon's Position on Syria, Signs of The Time Given by No Eyes-Phoenix Rising In Relation To Economics Growth and Down Turn, Major Earth Changes, Freak Accidents, Diseases & Germ Warfare, Book of Jasher's Story of Noah's Flood Related to Our Times of the Approaching End.



Book of Jasher's words of Obedience, War of Psalm 2, Terri's Fight Against the Nazi Agenda, DMV National ID in USA, Canada & Mexico by Jan. 04, Hopi Indians More Knowledgeable than Christians regarding future events, Parable of the 10 Virgins, Dispensation of Christians & Jews, Rapture vs. Jacob's Trouble explained, Earth Changes -Phase 1 and No Eyes' Prophecies of them (Phoenix Rising), Book of Jasher's Account of the Days of Noah (As it was, so shall it be), DNA & Genetics-Greek Mythology? Interesting speculation on the Rapture-Our bodies left behind for a time?
Signs of the End Times starting to Merge, but still have Political Events to Fulfill, Staten Island Ferry Accident, Prophecies by No-Eyes from the book Phoenix Rising about Transportation and other "Freak" Accidents, No Compassion in the World any more (Terri Schiavo), C.A.P.S. 2 Article "Computer Assisted Passenger Screening", Tracking Passengers by Color Code Will be Expanded to All Transportation, Credit Cards and Bank Accounts, EU Bans 500 Vitamins and Food Supplements.



Article on Legacy of Nazi Germany UFO Technology & Transfer to USA after WWII, The Watchers of Daniel Chapter 4 & Book of Enoch, As it Was-So Shall it Be; God's People to Die Off as Claimed in the Book of Jasher? Jesus Coming in a UFO/Clouds? Ancient Paintings Show UFOs-Satan's Conditioning of the Human Race to Accept Evolution, to bow Down and Worship him as God.

BVP Documentary UFOS Gateway To Hell Gives Great Detail on Nazi Germany UFO Technology Transfer! MUST HAVE



Art Bell-Rare Interview with John Lear From Nov. 2, 2003 - First Time in 10 Years! Extremely Interesting Program Confirms. How Satan Will Convince the World he is God.   BOTH SIDES.



Replay of John Lear's Government Briefing of UFO Cover-up with Commentary From Stewart.
Technology Transfer From Nazi Germany Discourse Continues.



UFO Nazi Germany Connection with Satan Continued From Last Program - Look Magazine Article from 1967,, Marshall Masters Article on the Sun's Activity - New Planet Coming Into Our Solar System? Earthquakes Predicted in Japan Not Reported on Coast to Coast AM (Geo. Noory), Hopi Indian Prayer for Yellowstone, Project Jehovah.



There Will Be Signs In The Sun…James McCanney, Jim Burkeland, Larry Park; Unusual Activity in The Sun, New Planet.  Entering Our Solar System-Excerpts From J. McCanney Book And Interview With George Noory on Coast to Coast AM.
Short Discourse by Stewart on End Times & Faith, Finale of James McCanney Interview on Coast to

Coast AM, Article in Magazine "Atlantis Rising" Confirms Noah's Flood, Geologist Jim Burkeland Interview on Coast to Coast AM.



Warnings From The Occult Mystics and Seerers Regarding End Times, James McCanney Interview.
James McCanney Magazine Interview, Stan and Holly Deyo Interview on Coast to Coast AM-Prudent Places USA.



Art Bell Interview With Bob Lazar - BOTH SIDES.



We shall all be one (John 17) Denied by Lisa Ruby; Article from ScienceNetDaily on Polar Shift, another article from WorldNetDaily regarding legal case in California of federal judge upholding class teaching Islam in middle schools. Project Bluebeam-Step 2 (Signs) Article on possibility of 2 phase rapture (Pre-Trib & Pre-Wrath) Interesting Speculation.

2 Thes  2:9, Lying signs and wonders-Project Bluebeam to morph all religious into one Messiah via electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis; UFO cover up by John Lear from 1988 and 1990 update.



Assorted items: A soul convinced against its will, is of the same opinion still; Terror level raised again during holiday season; UK Reuters article-Big Brother in your home furnishings to detect theft, similar to GPS in autos to stop theft and slow down vehicles or stop them completely; SF Reuters article-Video screens from thin air! (Project Bluebeam?) What is the image of the beast? HR2417 Patriot Act II signed-Details still secret, including cost. Congressmen speak out against it. End time signs are all converging upon the scene; Red dust and NASA-Article on new age Internet Website.  Article-Despise not prophesying; US Terror Threat-The Enemy Within (Domestic Terrorists); Article UK-Cell phones can see your activities; Assorted articles on outrageous banning of Christ from songs and Christmas from cards etc. 

Getting Christ out of Christmas relevant to spiritual war of Psalm 2-More info in that regard; UK article on ability of police to remotely stop cars in their tracks; July 2003 article on R.F.I.D industry growing to include all goods being sold; Deadly virus in Antarctica may reproduce with global warming-1999 report; TRB3 secret aircraft since 1994 can effect radar and magnetic fields; Secret Operations Manual leaked to expose UFO cover up by US government-Reported in 2003; 1979 Testimony of violent E.T. abuse of human rights in Dulce New Mexico, also have an underground base there.



A House Divided-Satan/Lucifer, Interesting article sent in by a listener & expounded on by Stewart.
Works vs. Rebirth; Last Trumpet Newsletter-Recap of 2003, including Geo. Bush, Iraq, Flu Vaccines, Witchcraft in America.
Terri's fight update-Letter from a teacher who suffered a similar fate; Another Indian story of the great flood related.



Document written by Dr. Edward Teller-The Effect of E.T. Technology on the World; Linda Molton-Howe interview from Nexus Magazine; Article from Paranoia Magazine "The Dragons of Eden"
Paranoia Magazine article continued shows how the Scriptures are being manipulated and changed to fit the agenda of the new age movement-The Cross was Foolishness to Them that Perish!


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