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Alternative Three

A study behind the concepts presented in the original television broadcast from England by Science Report called "Alternative Three". Science Report had never in their history ever attempted to fool people or present false material. Yet soon after Alternative Three was presented, a firestorm arose and Science Report said the whole thing was a hoax. Here at Best Video Productions we believe we can prove it was not a hoax, but very real indeed. Our production of Alternative Three is a thorough investigation into the concepts behind the original production. did the rich men of the earth enroll a panel of scientific experts to determine if the world was actually headed for disaster, and if so, what alternatives could they offer up to save at least themselves and a small portion of humanity? Were three alternatives offered up? Billions of dollars would have to be poured into each alternative to save the human race. This four hour video goes through each of the three alternatives and connects them to Bible prophecy. We believe Alternative Three is actual fact, not fiction, and that technology developed to make Alternative Three viable will be used to usher in the false messiah under the Blue Beam Project.

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